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Full Original Databases

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The original database dumps of high profile sites. Unparsed, with more information in tables. VERY PRIVATE!
(@admins/mods: If you have a VIP/Premium section. These should go there!)
[+] 3 users say Thank You to Chippy1337 for this post
Thanks for contributing, I'll be posting some soon IG.

Jesus could you zip these up and put them somewhere else?
Mega is killing me :/
  • 200GBs of databases
  • MSFConsole
  • Botnets
  • Ransomwares
  • Exploits
  • P.I.
  • Private Tools
  • PM for more ;)
(05-25-2017, 10:21 AM)JeffersonSillo Wrote:  Jesus could you zip these up and put them somewhere else?
Mega is killing me :/
I would of hoped someone with as many public DBs would of known what they were doing. Use megatools noob!

Seems like I made you upset Jeff... do you want a cuddle?
[Image: 5f2d53500fd8fb7edb350b19554abd80.png]
ok lets take a look , thanks for your contribution
It's okay guys, just ignore Jeff. He's just a little salty that he's come across someone who knows something and can call him out on his bullshit.
Thank you very much for this share man
Let's see whats in here... wish you guys would provide any info when position

Edit: looks like a decent collection, but is it just me or are they all password protected?
thank you for this share.
Awesome share man! thanks
Thanks for sharing Chippy, but could we get the passwords to the files too?

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