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Do you understand fear?
I don't get it. What's useful in situations where you walk into a 'creepy' room with someone in the corner crying?
Why do you get scared?
Why do you get scared at the 'thought' of someone standing in a dimly lit room in an abandoned building?
They could be like you, just exploring.
Besides, what if they do want to kill you?
You could try to fight them, if they have a knife.
If they have a gun, a bullet would kill you nearly instantly. If you have to bleed out, adrenaline would cancel most pain out.

Also, when you first see someone in a room as described above, why get scared instantly?
Why does your stomach 'drop'?
In the mere time it takes, you couldn't possibly run through ALL the possibilities (murder, rapist, black, etc)

So what's the deal with getting scared without thinking?
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I am fear.
Message me if you have any questions!

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