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I pretty much found this forum on a search engine looking for leaked dbs
// Backstory //
// I had 50gbs of dbs at one point.
// Got swatted (almost, never happened) and I deleted everything because
// I thought I'd get arrested. (it was my most illegal content)
// so I was annoyed swat didn't come and I deleted everything
// spent a while looking for a source of dbs and never found anything
// found this place and loaded up on a 4tb hdd with 100gbs so far

Anyways, I have email for contact really.

I sell blackhat services

I setup Botnets (IRC, Tor, Regular)
I setup reg. IRC servers
I can (I'd rather not) setup a telnet server
I can setup API booters.
I can harden your servers for free
I can make or give you private scripts/botnets

I have lots of types of scripts e.g
// Ransomwares
// Bruteforcing accounts
// Python scripts
// Perl Scripts
// Keyloggers (SMTP & FTP)
// FuckItUp Trojans (Trojans that do nothing but destroy lulz)
// and other things

I'd like to consider myself experienced but I know I have a lot to learn
and a lot I could be doing, but as everyone knows, practice makes perfect.
I like to help so if you want me to dox someone for free, drop me a PM or email

You can also hire my team to attack someone/something
and that'll be a pretty clean situation for you

I like to get high, listen to music, and just chill with peeps online
Some of my favorite artists would have to be Dual Core, YTCracker, 5FDP, Bewiz, and Leech Axss
But yea that's me in a drug-induced writing

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