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Official [Read]Database Section Rules
Due to there being 4 stickied threads in this section (which is a lot to cover up the database threads), I've decided to make this one thread which will explain the forum as well as reference the other posts which were stickied.

When searching through big databases, you need to use a grepping tool. We recommend RIPGrep. You can find a tutorial on RIPGrepHERE.

When reading big databases, you need a text editor which supports large files. We recommend emeditor. You can find a tutorial on reading large databasesHERE.

When uploading databasesto BreachForums, you need a website which allows you to upload large files. We recommend SendSpace, FileDropper, PlusTransfer & UploadFiles. You can find a tutorial on uploading these databasesHERE.

Overall, this section is great for finding database, and I hope that this sticky will serve the same as all the other ones did, just wanted to clean up the section a bit.
Message me if you have any questions!
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