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MySQLi Dumper || Noob Friendly ||
SQLi Dumper:
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Step 1: Download SQLi Dumper 

Step 2: Find some Dorks or here is some just for you {Download Dorks}

Step 3: I would recommend using proxies unless you're on a vpn but still you can purchase loads of proxy scrapers cheap and reliable that scrape from paid sources.

Step 4: Open up SQLi Dumper. Now load your dorks to SQLI dumper by copying and pasting them into here:

Step 5: (Optional) Load your elite proxylist into SQLi by clicking the "Tools&Settings" Tab, Then "Proxy" Tab.Copy and paste your proxies or try using a VPN on your desktop to change your ip so you dont get temp ip banned when scanning dorks and stay safer also.( if using a windows VPS or RDP you dont need a proxylist or VPN unless you are temp ip banned, its usually faster without them though)

Step 6: On SQLi Dumpers Main page where the dorks are. Click "Start Scanner". Wait for dorks to finish, 

Step 7: Once your URLs are finished being collected click "exploitables" tab then click "start exploiter" wait for it to scan through all urls and find the exploitable ones.

Step 8: Once you have all exploitables go to "Injectables" tab and click "Start Analizer"  wait for it to finish finding the injectables out of all the exploitables.

Step 9: When done You should now see all your injectables and the countries, where they are from and more info. highlight all your injectable & at BOTTOM LEFT where it says "Search Columns\Tables Names (MySQL and MS SQL)" (enlarge it by clicking + symbol) make sure "email, password and user and admin or whatever u have typed" are all checked, then click the bottom right start (not the top right one) using 10 threads. It will scan all your injectables for ones that have user email and password files or whatever you have typed. then all you need to do is look at them and match up ones that say 100,000 user and 100,000 passwords or 100,000 emails, that means you just found a good 100k Database that contains both 100k email and user pass combos and you now want to go and Dump the data to text file (:  ( it even says which files the passwords/usernames/emails are located )

Step 10: right click the injectable that had the the big Database on it and click "Go To Dumper"

Step 11: once in dumper click get database, once database appears click on it and click get tables, once tables appear click on the "user" table (sometimes has different name like "members") and click "get columns" wait for them to appear then check on "user and password boxes or email" then click "Dump Data" button and watch them all start dumping. If no database appears retry once or twice then just move on ( sometimes they just wont dump )

Step 12: after the long wait and you are finished dumping the usernames or emails ( or both ) and passwords you can now extract them to you desktop as a txt file. click Export Data and name the file and place it where ever you choose.
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Looks like a good concept but could also be done in Batch, and maybe Bash to where people can see the code.
Thank you
let's have a look
Superb Bro... Love
Very nice Guide For Noob Happy


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